For singer/songwriters:
A guide to preparing to make an album or demo

0. Write down why you want to make an album or demo. 
        a. Who is it for? 
        b. Do you want to sell it or is it just for demo purposes? 
        c.  Will it be a CD or just a "downloadable" album (iTunes, etc.)?

1. Make a list of the songs you want to include.

2. Practice performing the songs until you can do them as well as you think you can. Then record a demo of each song of just you performing the song. This can be a simple recording using a phone or a computer  - anything that captures the songs reasonable well.

3. Listen to your demos and write down any thoughts you have about how you want the recording to sound for each song. What additional instruments would you like to have, if any? Are there any other albums or songs by others that sound similar to what you want?

4. Decide approximately how much you want to spend in total to produce your album or demo and when you want to complete it by.

5. After you have done the above steps (or if you need help completing these steps) contact me for a free consultation.

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