Bill Bromfield

                             ===> producer, arranger, songwriter

                             ===> singer, guitar player, bass player

                             ===> engineer: tracking, mixing, re-mixing, mastering

                             ===> conductor: trains, orchestras, electricity


I put this page here for people looking for help making professional recordings of their songs.  I have been producing demos and albums for over 20 years. 

My usual method for producing a song by a singer/songwriter is to start with a simple recording of the artist performing the song with just piano or guitar accompaniment. Then I build an arrangement around that using guitars, pianos, drums, bass or whatever might seem to fit the song.  There is a video showing this process at

Following that I work with the artist to fine tune the arrangement, often re-recording the vocal and other parts, until we have a recording that sounds great and has the impact that the artist is looking for.

With current file sharing technology I am able to work with you wherever you are if you have access to the Internet.

With songs from writers who don't sing, the process is similar, except I will use someone else's voice.

I believe that with most songs, the lead vocal should be the focal point and that anything else in the recording should serve to support it. By recording the vocal first we avoid wasting time recording beautiful, elaborate backing tracks that take away from the vocal.

Of course when we do an instrumental song, there is no vocal, but there are usually lead instruments which should be treated the same way.

If you are a singer/songwriter or a pure writer or a home recordist, and would like to explore the possibility of working together, send me an email telling me what you want to accomplish.  You may also be interested in my "Guide to Preparing to Make an Album or Demo" for singer/songwriters (click here).


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